Best-in-market global healthcare solutions are now available to residents of Latin American and the Caribbean. Designed to exacting standards, these plans have been crafted to meet your precise insurance demands.

The three robust, international coverage plans help protect you and your family financially and provide for your unique medical insurance needs, establishing an unparalleled standard of excellence, offering generous protection options along with the exceptional Medical Concierge service, access to the highest quality of licensed medical professionals, and the immediate expert treatment you deserve anywhere, anytime.

Select the plan that best aligns with your lifestyle:

  • Vital Plan – Essential high-limit inpatient coverage. Charges reimbursed by your local insurance plan can be credited to the deductible under this plan.
  • Total Plan – Inpatient and outpatient coverage with concierge-quality services. Solid insurance protection, competitive in premium cost, and personalized service.
  • Total Plus Plan – Highest level of plan benefits for even the most discerning clients.


Vital Plan the Vital option offers the protection you need in the event you should require hospitalization. The Vital plan combines superb protection against the high cost of inpatient hospitalization with exceptionally high quality services. The result is an extraordinarily high value, yet affordable plan.

  1. $8,000,000 Maximum Limit per period of coverage for eligible medical expenses provides financial protection against even the most costly inpatient medical services you may encounter
  2. Credit toward meeting deductible when charges are reimbursed under another insurance plan, so long as those charges would be eligible under any plan
  3. Worldwide protection that allows you the flexibility to receive the inpatient care you need, wherever you choose to obtain it

Total Plan by selecting the Total plan, you demonstrate that you have the keen insight to choose the right blend of excellent benefits with outstanding service offered at a premium price point that stays within your means.

  1. $4,000,000 Maximum Limit per period of coverage for eligible medical expenses, providing you with the kind of financial protection found only in medical plans which are significantly more costly
  2. Coverage for a wide range of both inpatient and outpatient services that gives you the confidence that you will receive the care you need for nearly any medical situation, whether large or small
  3. Worldwide protection that allows you the flexibility to receive the medical care you need, wherever you choose to obtain it

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Total plus Plan there can be only one “Best” available medical insurance plan. The Total Plus option meets this definition by a wide margin. Uncompromising and unequalled in both top-end benefits and personalized service, Total Plus is the answer if you demand only the highest quality insurance product for you medical insurance needs.

  1. $8,000,000 Maximum Limit per period of coverage for eligible medical expenses, which means there is virtually no potential for meaningful financial loss resulting from covered charges
  2. Global Concierge – a dedicated assistance service platform that is willing and able to respond to the demanding standards of high level clients and available to insureds at all times
  3. Worldwide protection that allows you the flexibility to receive the medical care you need, wherever and whenever you choose to obtain it

Global Concierge and Assistance Services

Additionally, as a Member you have exclusive access to our Global Concierge and Assistance Services. More than insurance protection, these services offer the knowledge and information to keep you healthy and safe. Below is a list of services handled by a dedicated service team that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.*

  • Dedicated Service Line – An international toll-free number accessible worldwide 24/7.
  • Security Updates and Country Profiles – 24/7 online access to the latest advisories and travel warnings.
  • Bag Tracking Assistance in locating lost checked baggage and arranging the delivery of it to you anywhere in the world.
  • Pre-trip Health and Safety Advisories – 24/7 online access to information concerning current passport and visa requirements; information regarding inoculations and vaccinations; and up-to-date travel safety advisories.
  • Embassy & Consulate Referral – Provides the location and contact information of the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.
  • Emergency Cash Transfers – Assists in arranging and obtaining cash transfers anywhere in the world.
  • Emergency Message Relay – Relay messages to your family, friends and co-workers, helping you maintain contact during an emergency.
  • Emergency Travel Arrangements – Assists in making the appropriate travel arrangements in the event you must interrupt your travel and return home.
  • Legal Referrals – Provides the contact information for an attorney located in your country of travel.
  • Lost Passport/Travel Documents Assistance – Assists in reporting, retrieval or replacement of lost or stolen travel documents.
  • Dedicated Claims Team – Provides members with expedited claims processing.
  • Prescription Drug Replacement Assistance – Assists in the replacement and shipment of lost or damaged medication.
  • Drug Translation Service – 24/7 online access that provides country specific brand names of common prescription and over-the-counter medications.

* Global Concierge and Assistance Services are additional services offered. They are not insurance benefits.

Additional Coverages Available with All Plans

  1. Global Term Life Insurance (Including AD&D): provides protection for families following a traumatic loss. This optional coverage includes Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage at no additional premium cost. AD&D benefits can paid in addition to the life amount paid under the life insurance and increases the amount payable in the event of accidental death.Those insured persons approved for the plan and under age 70 are automatically eligible to apply for Global Term Life Insurance at the time of application. Global Term Life Insurance is an optional benefit purchased in units. The number of units applicants may request is based upon their age at the time of application and each subsequent renewal. Applicants from age 31 days through 18 years and from 65 through age 69 are eligible for one unit of coverage. Applicants from age 19 through age 64 are eligible for two units of coverage.
  2. Global Daily Indemnity: offers to pay a $100 per day benefit amount directly to you for each required overnight stay in a hospital. The hospital stay must be eligible for coverage under your plan. Certain hospital stays including those related to maternity are not eligible. Those insured persons approved for coverage under the plan and under age 70 are automatically eligible to apply for Global Daily Indemnity at the time of application. Applicants are eligible to purchase up to two units of coverage.
  3. Professional Sports: certain professional athletes may purchase the Professional Sports rider along with the plans. This optional coverage will pay for eligible medical expenses for the treatment of injuries due to participation in Professional Athletics that are non-Collision Sports, up to a maximum of $10,000 per Illness or Injury and a lifetime maximum of $100,000. Total Plus plans have an additional $250 deductible and Total plans have an additional $750 deductible for orthopedic Injuries while participating in Professional Athletics.

Routine Care.- These plans give you the freedom to choose your own healthcare treatment wherever and however you wish, you have access to established, globally recognized physicians and hospitals all over the world, whenever you need them.

Emergency Care.- The ability to access quality healthcare is of paramount importance when a life-threatening medical emergency arises. Maestro provides you with important emergency benefits backed by the services of an accredited clinical staff who are on call and ready to serve.

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage
  • Return of Mortal Remains coverage
  • Political Evacuation coverage (Vital and Total Plus only)

Lifetime Coverage.- All plans have a maximum age limit and will automatically terminate upon the insured’s 75th birthday. If you are enrolled in a plan by your 65th birthday and maintain continuous coverage to age 75, coverage under a senior version of the plan will be made available to you. There are no additional medical questions to apply; you simply need to review the benefits and complete and return the application with your premium.

15-Day Money Back ‘No Hassle’ Guarantee.- We are confident that you will be pleased with the full terms of coverage. Upon receiving your Maestro plan documents, please be sure to read them carefully. To ensure your satisfaction, once you are approved for the coverage, we provide a 15-day period to review the Fulfillment Kit contents. If during that 15-day period you find that you are not satisfied with the coverage for any reason, and as long as you have not already made a claim, you may submit a written request for cancellation and receive full refund of the premium paid. See the Certificate Wording for full details.

Wherever you are in the world, your insurance is with you. Amid a sea of uncertainty, you can have the confidence of knowing your insurance will be there to help insure and enhance your health and well-being. 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year.

That’s Peace of Mind.